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Foodflix is a speculative project provides customers with outrageous immersive experiences through movie food delivery, a recipe app, and escape room labs. Partnering with Netflix, "Foodflix aims to bring your favorite movies to life."Foodflix aims to bring your favorite movies to life.

Foodflix Movie

In the Foodflix Movie service, users can order meals, identical to what they're watching on the screen, to be delivered straight to their doorstep. The delivery is advertised as incredibly fast. Allowing viewers to experience instant gratification. Simply rewind the film and enjoy the novelty of taking a hot bite of the same delicious meal your favorite character is enjoying.

Foodflix APP

As part of the Foodflix suite, an app enables users to scan the food featured in any movie, and then generates the recipes with step-by-step instructions. The purpose of this app is to allow you to enjoy movie food at home.

Foodflix Escape

The Foodflix escape room provides thrilling experiences by locking you in a countdown room with one of the movie creatures. To survive, you must cook them their favorite dish, or else you are their dinner! I wanted to bring our favorite movies to life through close interactions with the characters.