A Place Immersed In Big Ideas
Visual Designer
Motion Designer
After Effects

Dutch Street Consulting reached out to IF Studio to collaborate on a brand refresh and new campaign for RXR for the iconic Starrett-Lehigh building. As Starrett-Lehigh provides the space that allows big ideas to soar, the campaign positioning centered around the theme “Where Big Ideas Go To…” to highlight the various office, food, culture, fitness, art and social spaces throughout the building. The new campaign coincided with an amenity overhaul that introduced new spaces to it’s tenants and the general public.

Custom Typeface

I designed a unique display font that draws inspiration from the edgy graffiti elements present in the art exhibitions and exterior features of the building. The font's striking graphic lines reflect the bold architectural features of the building, while the delicate curves of the font mimic the building's elegant silhouette.

Design System

Prior to delving into digital ad design, I developed a comprehensive design system to gain a better understanding of the unique constraints involved in accommodating eight different dimensions within digital spaces.

Digital Ads

To bring the essence of the physical building into a digital space, I incorporated the building's window frames as the central structure and organized assets within an "H"-shaped black border. To further accentuate the building's unique features, I utilized the logo as a guide, emphasizing the step contour by arranging elements at varying levels of hierarchy.